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Lena Dunham, de 'Girls', elogia revista por mostrar suas celulites

"Obrigada por deixarem minha celulite nas bancas em todos os lugares", escreveu a atriz

CARAS Digital Publicado em 04/01/2017, às 12h32

Lena Dunham - Getty Images
Lena Dunham - Getty Images

A atriz Lena Dunham elogiou a capa da revista norte-americana 'Glamour', em que aparece ao lado do elenco da série 'Girls'.

"Durante minha adolescência, foi dito para mim, em termos incertos, que eu tinha um corpo engraçado. Pança, dente de coelho. Parecia que eu nunca iriam me encaixar e isso me assustava", desabafou em seu Instagram.

"Quando minha carreira começou, as pessoas celebravam o meu corpo sempre através das lentes de ‘ela não é corajosa? não é forte mostrar ESTE corpo na televisão?’. Bem, hoje esse corpo está na capa de uma revista que milhões de mulheres leem. Sem Photoshop, cheio de imperfeições. Obrigada as mulheres de Hollywood (e do Instagram) por liderarem, inspirarem e normalizarem as formas femininas em todos os quesitos. Obrigada @glamourmag por deixarem minha celulite nas bancas em todos os lugares hoje", concluiu.

Okay, here goes: throughout my teens I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I was fucking funny looking. Potbelly, rabbit teeth, knock knees- I could never seem to get it right and it haunted my every move. I posed as the sassy confident one, secretly horrified and hurt by careless comments and hostility. Let's get something straight: I didn't hate what I looked like- I hated the culture that was telling me to hate it. When my career started, some people celebrated my look but always through the lens of "isn't she brave? Isn't it such a bold move to show THAT body on TV?" Then there were the legions of trolls who made high school teasing look like a damned joke with the violent threats they heaped on, the sickening insults that made me ache for teen girls like me who might be reading my comments. Well, today this body is on the cover of a magazine that millions of women will read, without photoshop, my thigh on full imperfect display. Whether you agree with my politics, like my show or connect to what I do, it doesn't matter- my body isn't fair game. No one's is, no matter their size, color, gender identity, and there's a place for us all in popular culture to be recognized as beautiful. Haters are gonna have to get more intellectual and creative with their disses in 2017 because none of us are going to be scared into muumuus by faceless basement dwellers, or cruel blogs, or even our partners and friends. Thank you to the women in Hollywood (and on Instagram!) leading the way, inspiring and normalizing the female form in EVERY form, and thank you to @glamourmag for letting my cellulite do the damn thing on news stands everywhere today ?? Love you all.

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